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Address:Brigadier Reeve No. 2 entre Avenida de los Mártires e Isabel Valdivia.
Telephone: 53 41 25210


President: José Barlia

Brief history

In 1946, in the ancient neighborhood “ El Rastro”, the married couple formed by Salomón Barlia and Elisa Behar had just inaugurated their house. It was not any house. It was a Jewish house with all the six points “The star of Zion in all its fences”. Six years later, at the end of 1952. I was born. Eight days after, my father fulfilled the pact with Abraham and he had a Mohel come from Havana to make me my BRIT MILA. In this house I lived my childhood and adolescence under the Jewish traditions.

When I was of age, ready for marriage, the conflict began, as there were no many Jews in the 70´s and the few that remained there, as Julio Levi´s family, had been away from Judaism. I decided to marry a non Jewish girl. My father didn´t want this marriage. He wanted his descendants to be from the cradle of Sarah, Lea, Rikva and Raquel. I was deeply glad when I took my wife- to be to the synagogue in Old Havana and she told me she wanted to convert herself to the Jewish life and that she wanted our children to learn the teachings of the Torá. This happened when Anna, our first child, was born on April 1976.

In 1996, we were glad when we knew that our daughters would participate in the second Majané for Jewish youngsters. This was the turning point for Roby, the Coordinator of the “JDC” at that time, and Dr. Miller asked Anna to begin looking for the Levi´s, who had been apart from Judaism, to help them find their true identities.

At this time, Sara Rodríguez Chiprut has moved to Caibarien and she and her family have participated in the Jewish festivities with us.

On July, 19th, 1996, we celebrated a beautiful Kabalat Shabat, together with the Community of Cienfuegos. On September, just in Rosh Hashaná, the Javaiá Community of Sancti Spiritus began functioning. From the beginning we have celebrated all the festivities of the Jewish calendar, but the most relevant experience are the ones from the school which was named Maguen David. My wife Daysi was the first teacher who, without having Jewish blood, not only taught my children but all the children from the Community which didn´t know even the word Shabat. These today are the ones going to the Majanot, love their people, their religion and customs, and dance and sing the Jewish melodies. Today, this place opens its doors and goes on teaching the Torá, traditions and Judaism to the new generations and it is not only the meeting place of the Jews from Santi Spiritus, but also the house of all the Jews from Cuba and the world.



Our Community has 41 Jews and 11 married couples that make a total of 52 members. From them, a group of 30 to 36 are very active.

We have school for children and youngsters, with Anni Fried as leader, willing to study, work and enjoy themselves.

We are improving with the Rikudim group. And we also have a little dancer, two-year old Claudia, who makes us enjoy her dancing