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Hatikva Synagogue
Address: Mariano Corona No. 273 entre Habana y Maceo
Teléfono: (53) 226 86180


President: Eugenia Farin
Vicepresident: Salomón Botton

Brief History

In our days a great number of Jewish Communities are living outside Israel, in what is known as the Jewish Diaspora. More than 2000 years ago, we suffered the dispersions; nevertheless our people are together and united in our spiritual, in our belief in one God. The masters of the law had analyzed the diaspora from two perspectives, some of them considered that the Jews living outside Israel have been punished because they haven´t followed the mitzvot, so going back to the Promised Land is their dream as they feel alien in other lands. Some other Rabbis consider that it has the objective of letting other people know the values of Judaism. Both groups agree that there is a huge population living outside the Holy land, and that’s why there must be a permanent sharing and interchanges among the Jews of the diaspora and the ones living in Eretz Israel.

The Hebrew Community Hatikva of Santiago de Cuba is the result of different and various dispersions. The Jews expelled from the Iberian Peninsula in 1492 suffered what is known as “The Sefaradim Diaspora”. Five centuries after their settlement in the Ottoman Empire, they had to emigrate again, this time to the Americas, hoping for progress and peace in the New World.

In 1924 a Sefaradim group from Turkey established this Community. Here in Santiago de Cuba they found a receptive atmosphere. As fraternal and warm as its weather, this colony grew with the arrival of other Ashkenazim Jews coming from Europe and together, they lived a religious and cultural life. They have left their imprints in the Cubans. From here, most of the first members of a new dispersion “The Tropical Diaspora”, took off. Now, there lives an enthusiastic Community that follows the traditions and customs of the first Jews who arrived in the first decades of the XX Century.

Hatikva (Hope), is our name, the green color of the tropical religion inundates and characterizes us. We asked the Creator to illuminate us with the teachings of the Torá for the torch of Judaism to keep burning forever.


We have celebrated Shavuot, the fifth of Sivan. This is one of the three parties of pilgrimage in which the Jews from Eretz Israel offered their first crops in the great Jerusalem Temple.

At present, this festivity has another connotation, it is the date in which we celebrate and remember that Hashem gives Moses the law, the sublime moment in which Shejina settled in the mountains of Sinai, to let the Benei Israel know the law that regulates the life of its people forever.

Shavuot falls seven weeks after Pesaj. During Easter we receive physical freedom, but this one brings us spiritual freedom. According with the scriptures it comes with the Ten Commandments.

In our Community, we celebrate this first Shavuot of the year 5762 with The Arvit Service, the beautiful blessing of the children, and then, we have a Community supper, where we enjoy the dairy products tradition indicates.

The experiences children and youngsters have in these events are for keeps, thus they will, in time, give them to their children. They are adding another link to to the chain of legacy which has made our people unique.

80th Anniversary of the foundation of the Jewish Community.

Recently, the Jewish Community of Santiago de Cuba has celebrated its 80th anniversary, with a wide historical and cultural program in which our identity is kept intact.

There was an interesting Fine Arts Exhibition by Marcos Frómeta Farin introducing his guest Yuri González Litinov at the embellished Synagogue of Santiago de Cuba Situated at 273 Corona Street, in this Caribbean city. In addition, there was a Photograph Exhibition of both, ancient and contemporary photograph about the life of the Community, a show of Wood Carving Sculptures presented by the young artisan Robertland Sanchez Segal and also a Numismatic Show in which the main figure was José Martí, The Cuban National Hero.

The activities held, began on November 29, 2021 and many presidents of the Jewish Communities of the western and central part of the island participated. On Sunday, the closing ceremony was outstanding as the topics dealt with were all very relevant. There was a testimony about life in the Community, by Jacobo Behar and a brilliant dissertation about The History of The Hebrew People by Mariano Mirelman, Representative of the Joint Distribution Committee in Cuba, who gave us a marble plaque in commemoration of this anniversary.

The cultural activity was conducted by Daniel Behar a saxophonist who interpreted two plays of the Cuban musician Ernesto Lecuona.

There was a standing ovation for The String Quartet made by players and professors from the Symphonic Orchestra from Santiago de Cuba. There were many pleasing comments about the Atideinu (Our Future) a dancing group composed by youngsters from the Synagogue who danced like professionals.

Eighty years in this Community has shown the tenacity of the Cuban Jews to defend their identity which stems from their faithfulness to Judaism.

By the President of the Hebrew Community….