"Es de importancia que la juventud tomé interés
por las cuestiones y preocupaciones judías".

Albert Eistein

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In 1995, during Hanukah. The youth organization took the name Macabi of Cuba. In this way, it began to integrate with other organizations in the world. This was the name that identified one of the most important groups of youngsters that existed in Cuba. to honour this young people, who are now our parents or grandparents and others who are not among us, is why the Jewish youngsters adopted this name and with it, the same traditions the Macabi and all the Jews have defended through the history

The youth organization has gone through different periods, the same periods the Jewish Cuban Community has gone through, but with different characteristics. It has always had a leading role in the Community chores. The contribution of The Joint Distribution Committee has been of paramount importance to the projects we are carrying out.

In each festivity and commemoration of the Jewish calendar, the young people participate actively with their ideas and presence, in this way, they made these moments, special for all the Community members. Besides, the youngsters are the ones who make the religious services, work in the provinces taking the knowledge they have acquired to the congregations from the rest of the country, teach Hebrew and Judaism in the Sunday school, keep a group to help the aged and some are members of other organizations as Hadassah and the Women Organization.

In this way Judaism is enliven in our country and our customs and traditions find continuity.


The board of the organization is elected every two years. All the activities and projects are organized by a madrijim group, who receives a previous training to facilitate its job in the Community.

At present, the board is integrated by:

President: Amed Reyes Pernas
Vicepresident: Annie Luisa Bali Roque
Treasurer: Pavel Tenebaum

Madrijim Group:

Annie Luisa Bali Roque
Amed Reyes Pernas
Alberto Joan Lamelas
Deborah Soriano
Wiliam Miller
Annette Ramos Eli
Diana Zilberstein
Pavel Tenenbaum
Jeiro Montagne Babani
Sonia Gómez Canetti


Our organization is composed by Jewish youngsters whose ages are from13 to 30, now it has 250 members approximately.


Every Saturday at 5:30 pm The Patronage of the Jewish Community of Cuba, situated in 13 street at the corner of I street, turns into a meeting place for the youth. In this moment peulot with a Judaic content are carried out. Films are played to propitiate debates or activities related with the Jewish calendar are celebrated.

Every Tuesday, the Rikkudin Group Emuná gets together to learn traditional dances and to promote cultural life in our Community. Besides, there is a sports program including table games. Baseball and football.

The Panamerican Majane Is one of the most expected activities. It has been celebrated in different places of the island since 1995. There the youngsters are in contact with nature.

Young people from other countries have also participated. This activity constitutes a place for debate around topics such as trends within Judaism History of the Cuban Jewish Community, Jews Fine Arts, and Israeli Current affairs, among others.


The main achievements the youth organization has reached for has been the creation of the the Kesher Group for Social Action, this group is supported by the JDC, and its main goal is to help the elderly and those that for any reason are unable to participate in the Community activities. The group Coordinator Wilbert Wilson and the rest of the youngsters who integrate this group visit these people systematically and are attentive to their needs.

The Mifgash Bulletin is published periodically as a means to inform and educate the Youth Organization.

Recently, a group of six members of our organization, three boys and three girls, made their Bar and Bat Mitzva Ceremonies after a preparatory course organized by the JDC and supported by the morot of the Sunday School

In September, there was the initiative of the First Seminar about Judaism for the youth; it took place as part of a plan to introduce the Judaic contents in different Community environment, and also as a way to fulfil an educational need.

The youngsters attend the Jewish School on Sunday, and there is a growing interest to know more about Judaism.

On the other hand, there are many of these young people who are getting closer to the Community for the first time as they have felt attracted by the renovation of the Judaic Community.

This seminar deals with contents such as Tanaj, Life Cycles, Festivities, History, Liturgy, Literature and Philosophy. The course meets once a week for two hours. The participants receive theoretical materials and readings in every lesson. The purpose is to improve their home libraries. A new Community space to study our roots.

We are planning to celebrate a National Seminar in which the youth from different Jewish Communities from all the parts of the country could participate. The meeting will be celebrated in the City of Havana.

In the year 2003, ten youngsters from the Community participated in the Taglit Israel, educational program giving the young the possibility of travelling Israel for ten days free of charge. The experience was replicated in the summer of the 2004. The opportunity to share with Canadians Israeli and Latin American Jews encourage the interchange of ideas, experiences and reflections.


- Create a Choral group who will participate in the religious services and Community activities.

- Begin a Hebrew course to improve these language skills among the youngsters.

- Teach a lecture cycle about Judaism to strengthen the identity of the members of our organization


Amed Reyes Pernas

Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba
Calle 1 esq. 13 Vedado
Ciudad de la Habana
CP 10400