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Kesher is a group from the Cuban Jewish Community, supervised by its leaders and supported by the Joint Distribution Committee; it functions within the framework of the Macabi youth Organization. Its objective is to help the eldest who can´t have a full community life for different reasons. The volunteers visit the aged, and they also make activities for these people, who need the hope for the Jewish Community life.


There have been many projects for social work, in the Community and the synagogue as well; they have had achievement and drawbacks. The Youth Organization felt the urge of creating a system to help people in need of spiritual and material support leaning on the youth impetus and the support of the synagogues and its leaders; they want to develop a project which can be maintained to reach for the objectives


- Our main goal is to help the Jewish eldest who are not economically or physically fit to have an active life within and outside the Jewish environment.
- Establish the links of the young people and the old people, in the social and affective domain.
- Help pregnant women during the pregnancy and for a few months after the delivery to support both the mother and the child. Trying to solve the problems young couples have when deciding to have children.
- Visit the sick people or the invalid in their homes.
- Delivering medications according to the doctors prescriptions (to those benefited by the project) both in short-term sicknesses and chronic illnesses.
- Foster interest and commitment in the young people by giving them room for their communitarian task and a chance for the development of leadership and problem solving.


José Miller Fredman: President of the Cuban Jewish Community
Adela Dworin: Visepresident

Wilbert Wilson Rivero, General Coordinator of the Kesher Project
Tamara Roussó: Vice-president

arriba Members

Listado de jóvenes voluntarios que participan:

Volunteers who participate

Tamara Russó
Perla Stolik
Pavel Tenenbaum
Maria Luisa Zayon
Wilbert Wilson Rivero
Marlén Prinstein
Joan Lamelas Fundora
Yenisei Ricardo Leblanch
Houwer Friman Ramírez
Alejandro Ojalvo
Olga Stolik


The Kesher Group with the support of the Cuban Jewish Community, its leaders and the young volunteers fulfill an important mitzvah helping the eldest in our community

The group is led by young people who are responsible to carry out the tasks
For the first time, the Macabi Youth Organization has a social action group which has been maintained since its creation.

A link between The Jewish Community and the beneficiaries has been re-established, giving hope to those who only had comfort in loneliness

The volunteers have expressed their solidarity and have given love to the eldest in need of our Community the help has been spiritual, through visits, and activities those who can not usually attend the events in the synagogue are attended in a way in which they can feel that the Cuban Jewish Community has not forgotten them and cares about them.


We met Máximo and we were impressed to see how a man in his condition could have such a high spirit for life. He has been in a wheelchair since he was young and he hadn´t been to a synagogue for 45 years. This was what comes out as he saw us: “Since I have been in this wheelchair, I haven´t been farther than the corner in which you´ve found me and I haven´t visited a synagogue” One Saturday, we decided to take him to one synagogue, there, he had his aliyah Toráh a very touching moment for him and for the group





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