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As early as 1935, local Jews formed an ORT committee in Cuba. In 1943, a school was established in Havana, which helped newly arrived Jewish emigrants. After an absence of more than 40 years, ORT reinitiated its help for the Cuban Jewish Community.

The Jewish Community's ORT Technological Center, in complete collaboration with World ORT, was inaugurated on November 22nd, 2000.


Due to the current impact of the informatization of the Cuban society and the increasing necessity of having a good Jewish education in our Community, the main objective of the Center have been to qualify Jews and affiliates of our Community in the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), and to develop academic activities for teaching Hebrew and Judaism to members of the Jewish Community.


Ing. William Miller. National Director.
MsC. Irene Klaindorf. Academic Advisor.


Eng. Ana María Rudnica
Eng. Denise Klaindorf
Lic. Ida Gutsztat
MD. Deborah Soriano
Lic. Caridad Behar
Mrs. Eugenia Malutina
Mrs. Marlen Rivera Nisembaun
Eng. Rubi Recio
Lic. Mercedes Caballero
Lic. Raymil Marrero


In our work for increasing our activities we are introduced new courses: Typewriting, Marketing and Languages, are examples of this.

The activities of the project are divided in a total of 12 groups for training in the use of ICT, divided by ages or academic interests. These groups each works two hours twice a week between Monday and Friday. Our program also extends to the Sunday Jewish School, where Hebrew and Judaism are taught to five groups of children and teenagers.


Up to 120 students can be registered for each period of courses, of which 40% can be non-members of the Jewish Community. At this point, 818 part time students (members and non-members of the Community) have enrolled, of whom 515 have completed their studies - with an average score of 62.96 % - in a total of 66 courses.

In a unique partnership with the Cuban Jewish community, World ORT and ORT Cuba have designed and created the first ever website dedicated to the Jewish Community of Cuba.

On August, 2003, in collaboration with World ORT, five ORT Cuba students were among the first Cuban group taking part on a Taglit - Birthright Israel program.

The Jewish Community in Havana continues facing new challenges, the technological era have became part of the Community. We have incorporated new communication tools which provide many advantages in our daily work, we have strengthen the spirits of our people in been educated for life.

Future Programs

Our project works towards advancing the development and diffusion of ORT programs within the Jewish Community of Cuba. We also aim to achieve a higher level of professionalism, for example:

- Collaboration with the rest of the Jewish Communities of the country.

- Development of a national communication network for the Jewish community all over the country.

- Summer courses for Jewish children.

- Special courses for elderly Jewish people.

- Development of non-technological academic activities: Handmade works courses, Music courses for children and teenagers.

- Development of the distance education learning using electronic mail as a method of communication.

- Establishing new collaborations with ORT International Cooperation Offices.

- Training of the Jewish instructors of the project, starting with collaboration between ORT schools all over the world, in fields of expertise of great demand in the Jewish Community: Hebrew, Judaism, technical specialties, etc.

Thanks to World ORT, Women's American ORT and American ORT, who has supported this project in Cuba, we were able, with our efforts, to obtain the current results. Today we can feel proud of having a technological center of such magnitude in our Community. Now we can begin to speak of Cuban Jews who are prepared to carry out any activity in today's new world of advanced technologies. Thanks to all the people who invested their trust in us, we can hope for better results as this new century progresses.


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General Coordinator: William Miller, Eng.
Academic Coordinator: Irene Klaindorf, MsC.

Centro Tecnológico "Ana y Ben Dizik"
Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba
Calle i Esq. 13, Vedado
Ciudad de La Habana
CP 10400

Phone: (537) 832 8953
Fax:(537) 33 3778

E-mail: patronato_ort@enet.cu





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