How Human Growth Hormone Helped Me

I was fed up of the comments my friends make whenever they see me. Most of them are of the same age group as I am, but all of them are taller than me. I felt so dejected after hearing these comments that I decided not to go to parties and social events or even meet my friends. I resorted to social networks to keep in touch with my friends. I had tried several types of exercises, including chin ups, in the hope that they would help increase my height, but none of them helped solve my problem. The stress caused by these factors led to depression and I started taking anti depressants to keep my mind stable. I recalled that one of my friends was suffering from the same problem, but he has grown tall all of a sudden. Out of desperation, I contacted him and asked how he managed to increase his height. Was he performing some special exercise? I was stunned when he told me that he purchased HGH (human growth hormone) and took that anabolic hormone to improve his height. He also suggested that I buy human growth hormone and take it for a couple of weeks.

Back to square one

Based on the suggestion of my friend, I decided to buy HGH, and searched online for stores that offer HGH for sale. The thousands of results that the search engine provided confused me. I was surprised on reading a blog post, authored by an expert, which advised that one should be careful and check the authenticity of sites that offer human growth hormone for sale before purchasing the synthetic anabolic hormone. Thanks to the popularity and soaring demand for HGH, many unscrupulous persons sell adulterated stuff sourced from other countries. Most individuals, hooked by the low price advertised by such sites, buy HGH from them. It is too late by the time they realize their folly and start suffering from side effects caused by the contaminated compounds in such drugs. Instead of taking a risk, I decided to contact my friend again and ask him about sites that offer genuine HGH for sale. He provided me with a list of sites from where I could buy human growth hormone. The detailed information provided by those sites that offer genuine human growth hormone for sale amazed me. I found out that this hormone also helps an individual to regain his youthful looks.

Yet another query

Although I had a list of trustworthy sites that offer HGH for sale and from whom I could buy HCG, I could not understand why my growth was stunted and why I needed hormones to increase my height, while my other friends had not taken such drugs. An online search about the cause of pituitary dwarfism provided me with the answer. I found out that the pituitary gland, a pea sized structure positioned at the base of the brain, directly underneath the hypothalamus, secretes HGH. This natural hormone plays a vital role in the growth in adolescents and children. Apart from this, it also regulates fat and sugar metabolism, bone and muscle growth, body fluids, and body composition. Several factors, including medical conditions like hypopituitarism stunts the production of this hormone. Chances are that I too was suffering from this problem.

I am relieved

I no longer worry about going to parties or hanging out with my friends as my height has increased considerably after I purchased HGH and took it for several weeks. However, it was time for my friends to be surprised. Most of them looked older than they actually were, whereas I had a youthful look. I provided them with a list of online stores from which they could buy HGH and use it to rejuvenate their skin and get a youthful look.